Frequently Asked Questions

What are the first steps after an accident?

1) See a doctor about your injuries
2) Contact an attorney
3) Don’t speak with the other driver’s insurance company
4) Always be truthful with the doctor and attorney

How do I know if I have a case?

There are 5 key factors that determine if you have a case.

1) Death
2) Dismemberment
3) Disability
4) Disfigurement
5) $3,000 or more in medical bills

Why should I hire Jeff Metler as my personal injury attorney?

There are many reasons to hire Jeff Metler as your personal injury attorney but some of the most important are:

1) Named as one of The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 for Utah 2012 and 2013.
2) Jeff Metler resolves most cases in months not years, so you can get back to life.
3) Jeff Metler cares about each of his clients. He meets with you personally and will help take the burden off your shoulders.

What should I expect?

With Jeff Metler you can expect a professional who cares about you. He will meet with you personally to go over your case. He will give you an honest evaluation of the facts and will do everything possible to get your life back on track.

What do the insurance companies not want me to know?

Insurance companies train employees to pay out the very minimum. Adjusters are often awarded bonuses based on low payouts.

Some insurance companies also want you to believe that you are causing financial hardship on the person who is at fault. The truth is that settlements are paid by the insurance company, not individuals.

Insurance companies have recently started assigning 20% blame to the no fault driver so they can justify paying less. This holds true even if the accident was clearly the fault of one person.

How much will a personal injury attorney cost me?

At the office of Jeff Metler, there is never a charge unless we collect money for you.

¿Cuales son los primero pasos despues de un acidente?

1) Ve un doctor acerca de tus dolores
2) Póngase en contacto con un abogado
3) No hables con la compañía de seguros del otro conductor
4) Siempre ser sincero con el médico y abogado

¿Por qué contratar a Jeff Metler como abogado personal de daños y prejuicios?

Hay muchas razones para contratar a Jeff Metler como abogado de daños y perjuicios, algunas de las más importantes son:

1) Jeff Metler resuelve la mayoría de los cosas en cuestión de meses, y no en años, para que usted pueda volver a su actividad normal.
2) Jeff Metler se compromete e involucra con sus clientes. Trata con usted personalmente y le alivia a llevar el lastre del caso.

¿Qué debo esperar?

En Jeff Metler puede encontrar a un profesional que se preocupa de usted. Se reunirá con usted personalmente para repasar su caso. Le dará una valoración de los hechos y hará todo lo posible para que usted pueda restablecer su vida normal.

¿Cómo sé si debo llevar a cabo un proceso?

Hay 5 factores clave para determinar si debe llevar a cabo un proceso. 1) Fallecimiento
2) Desmembración
3) Incapacidad
4) Desfiguración
5) Gastos médicos superiores a 3000 dólares.