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Jeff Metler will donate $1 to Shriners Hospitals for Children for every person who “Likes” his Facebook page up to $10,000.

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Why Shriners Hospitals for Children?

Having spent 2 years of his childhood in a wheelchair and in and out of hospitals, Jeff Metler has a special interest in assisting children who have medical needs. As a personal injury lawyer, he works on a daily basis helping individuals and families who are dealing with the effects of injuries.

For 85 years, Shriners Hospitals has treated children with special health needs without asking for a dime, funded by donations. Now, for the first time, Shriners Hospitals will be charging insurance (when possible) to help cover medical costs – Jeff heard about Shriners new billing procedure and wants to do something to make a difference.

More information about Shriners:

For the first time in 85 years, they will be taking insurance (when possible) to help cover medical costs. One of the most unique charitable organizations in the country, they are changing the way they do business in order to stay alive. They must adapt in order to continue helping the lives of children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries, and other special health care needs. Six Shriners Hospitals survived being closed, but now the organization will accept insurance for the first time ever. The Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake City was never considered, but like the other 22 around the country, it will have to be more efficient. The decision to take insurance is huge. Everything has been supported by donations for almost 90 years, but then this recession came along and something had to change.

Facts about Shriners Hospital for Children:

Shriners Hospital for Children has been in Salt Lake City for 85 years.
Children under 18 years old receive specialty orthopaedic care for scoliosis, club foot, limb length inequalities, osteogenesis imperfecta, dislocated hips and other disorders and diseases of the bones, muscles and joints. Outpatient services include physical, occupational and speech therapy; custom wheelchair fitting; prosthetics and orthotics; motion analysis studies and recreation therapy.
All care at Shriners Hospitals for Children is provided regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.
Due to rising costs and investment losses from the economic recession, Shriners Hospital for Children must now accept insurance payments.
Patients without insurance will still receive life-changing care thanks to the charitable contributions of our generous donors.
For more information on how you can support Shriners Hospital for Children this holiday season call (801) 536-3500 or go to www.shrinershospitals.org
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