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Here’s What To Do If Another Driver Is Following You

By Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law

Being followed while driving is a very scary situation to be in. However, a lot of the time, your paranoia may get the best of you and you think that big white van in the rearview mirror is following you when in reality, you’re both driving along the same route.

However, there may come a time when you are actually being followed, and in such a situation, it’s critical that you know what to do. Here’s how to handle the situation:

Verify You Are Being Followed

The first thing to do when you suspect another driver is stalking you is to make sure that you are, indeed, being followed.

If you are on the street, make four right or left turns. People driving to get to a destination do not do this. If the driver stays with you, you are likely being followed.

If you are on the highway, get over to the far right lane and slow way down. If the driver follows you, get back over to the left lane and get back up to your original speed. If the driver is still on your tail, you are likely being followed.

Remain Calm

Panicking never helps a stressful situation. One of the best things you can do is to remain calm.

Call the Police

Try to get the best description of the vehicle as possible, and then call 9-1-1. Let the dispatcher know that you are being followed and you fear for your safety.

Drive to the Nearest Police or Fire Station

Sometimes, police stations don’t have many people around because most of the officers are out on patrol. However, there is a certain weight that comes along with leading a suspected stalker to the police station.

If you truly fear that you could be in danger, the fire station may be a better destination. There are typically lots of people around fire stations who are capable of helping you get away from a stalker.

When you arrive at the station, lay on your car’s horn until someone comes out.

If You Can’t Find a Station, Find a Populated Place

If you are unable to reach a police or fire station for some reason, going to another well-populated and well-lit area can also be a good option. Don’t get out of the car right away. Call the phone number of the facility if the stalker pulls up nearby. Let them know what’s going on and ask if someone can come out and help you.

The last thing you want is to get into a car accident as a result of another driver following you. It can be a scary situation, but please remember to stay calm if it ever happens to you.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident as a result of a stalker or for another reason related to someone else’s negligence, we are here to help. Don’t delay—contact our office right away with your questions.

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