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Filing a claim against a drunk driver who crashed into you can be intimidating. You will want to do everything you can to get as much money for your damages as you can, but you might not know where to begin. There is also a good chance that the other driver will try to deny that they were drunk, even when it seemed obvious to you. What can you do to make your drunk driving accident claim the best it can be?

Teaming up with Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law is a great start for anyone who needs legal representation in Utah. Attorney Metler and his firm have been representing the wrongfully injured since 2004. Take his experience and turn it into your advantage by getting his legal counsel on your side today.

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How Intoxication Affects a Driver

There is no such thing as safe driving while buzzed. All it takes is one alcoholic beverage to start affecting a driver’s abilities. If the driver who hit you is trying to argue that they “just had one drink,” then you should try to get that statement in writing, as it is an admission of liability, even if they don’t accept it.

When a driver has had just one drink, they can experience:

  • Slowed reaction times
  • Motor control deficiencies
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Blurred vision

Is Intoxication Automatic Liability?

Even though everyone knows that drunk driving is dangerous, there is no legal rule that says a drunk driver must be liable for a car accident. In every case, liability needs to be established, which means understanding what happened that led up to the crash and why. A drunk driver can still try to argue that they did not cause the crash and escape most or all liability.

For example, a drunk driver who is rear-ended while stopped at a red-light intersection is not liable for that accident. They could be well above the legal drinking limit, and they would still not be liable because their intoxication did not contribute to the rear-end crash. As such, you will need to be prepared to fight any arguments brought forth by the drunk driver who hit you.

Proving Liability with Police Reports

To challenge the drunk driver’s arguments and any posed by their insurer, you should look for convincing, tangible evidence. Or, if you let Attorney Jeff Metler represent you, then you can rest and recuperate while he and his team look for evidence that helps your case.

One of the best pieces of evidence in a drunk driving accident case is a police report. Police officers who respond to reports of a crash will detail what they saw and what they think happened. This information could be crucial for building your case from the ground up.

On a police report, there could be useful information like:

  • Perceived liable driver (usually written as Party 1)
  • Time and location of the crash
  • Reported injuries
  • Traffic conditions at the time

Each Injury Victim Worth Fighting For

When you need reliable legal counsel to work on your Utah drunk driving accident case, you know you can count on Attorney Jeff Metler and his team. There is no case too complicated or too difficult for him. For years, he has built his firm and reputation on taking the toughest cases for people in trying situations. If you’re feeling like you’re out of options after being hit by a drunk driver, then please reach out to his firm to find out what you should do next in pursuit of full and fair compensation.

Call Attorney Metler at (801) 349-1009. Members of the firm are fluent in English and Spanish.

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