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As consumers and patients, we don’t think twice when we fill our prescriptions or obtain a medical device at the recommendation of our medical professionals. When it comes down to our health and safety, we assume these products will help us with our conditions, not make them worse. Unfortunately, people get injured by defective and dangerous devices all the time. If you’ve been harmed by a drug or medical device, chances are there are hundreds or thousands of others who are in the same situation as you. When this happens, you can join other injured parties in a mass tort claim. Jeff Metler and his mass torts team can represent you and others effectively and stand up for your rights to compensation against negligent entities like manufacturers. Jeff Metler and his team go above and beyond to care for their clients and understands the pain you may be going through.

Call if you’ve been injured by a dangerous drug or medical device in Utah or throughout the United States. You can also reach us via online form.

Differences Between Mass Torts & Class Actions

People often use “mass torts” and “class actions” interchangeably when referring to a group of people filing claims against the same company or entity. In reality, they are two different types of legal actions and each is handled differently. Though both do involve groups of people who have been injured by the same product or drug, a mass tort action allows individuals to file their own claims and recover individual compensation because their injuries and damages may be different from others. A class action, on the other hand, is filed on behalf of the group, not the individuals, and any compensation obtained is split among all members.

A major benefit of filing a mass tort is that when other people are involved, evidence can be shared among cases to establish liability. In other words, you can use valuable evidence from another victim’s claim to strengthen your own. This increases the likelihood of winning your claim.

There are a number of mass tort claim options, though they usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Prescription drugs: Some prescription or over-the-counter drugs are associated
    with harmful chemicals and an increased risk of developing cancers or
    kidney damage.
  • Product liability: This applies to dangerous and defective products that injure people and
    often include medical devices like hip replacements or IUDs.
  • Toxic torts: Victims who suffer from injuries or illnesses due to toxic
    substance exposure may be able to file a mass tort claim, whether they’re
    at home or in the workplace. Some common causes of injuries and illnesses
    include asbestos, lead, soil or groundwater contamination, mold, and more.

Injuries Frequently Associated with Mass Torts

Because of the wide range of defective or dangerous products and conditions that can lead to mass tort claims, there are also a variety of injuries and illnesses that people can suffer from. Because people often file mass torts against medical device manufacturers, some of the most common injuries include infection, chronic pain, and tissue or bone damage.

Other injuries and illnesses associated with mass tort claims include:  
  • Allergic reactions
  • Heart attacks
  • Severe burns
  • Cancer
  • Organ damage or loss
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of limbs

What To Do If You Think You Qualify for a Mass Tort Claim

If you’ve fallen ill or have been injured and you believe a drug or medical device is responsible, you may be eligible to file a mass tort claim. Many victims of harmful drugs or devices suffer from financial hardships such as medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering, as well as a reduced quality of life. When you file a mass tort claim, you can claim compensation for your damages along with others.

When you call Jeff Metler, he and his team can assess your case and determine if you qualify for a mass tort claim. Because liable parties in mass tort claims include major manufacturers, designers, distributors, and other powerful entities, victims need established representation that can protect them from these companies and their lawyers. Thanks to our legal knowledge and accessibility, we’re able to work closely with each of our clients to make them feel understood and informed.

Jeff Metler and his team review every case and can give you an honest assessment when you call for a free case evaluation at (801) 377-1900 . Our mass torts team serves clients throughout the entire United States.

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