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When you’ve been injured in an accident or lost someone you love dearly, you don’t want to take a chance on a firm that isn’t known for helping people who have been in your situation before. You deserve legal representation from a personal injury attorney that has achieved their clients’ goals time and again. Jeff Metler and his team have helped clients throughout Utah and the United States get the compensation they need to heal after car accidents, product defects, motorcycle accidents, and more. We have the case results to prove it.

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$15 Million

Commercial Vehicle vs. Private Car.
Head-on accident with life-threatening injuries. Multiple fractures and surgeries.

$2 Million

Single Car Accident
Loss of control resulting in significant paralyzation.

$1.8 Million

Private Car vs. Private Car
Head-on collision with multiple occupants. Facial scaring, multiple fractures and brain injury.

$1.8 Million

Car vs Wrongful Death
An agreement is made during mediation involving a traumatic accident where the driver and passenger of a vehicle crossed over the median of a large freeway into oncoming traffic and collided with a family of 8. The family of 8 was injured in a traumatic accident when the driver of another vehicle crossed the median of a large freeway into the oncoming vehicle and collided. The passenger of the vehicle crossing the median was killed and opened up a wrongful death case. Family members in the van sustained injuries including: a right leg femur fracture of a small boy, a displaced left midshaft femur fracture and displaced left radial shaft fracture with plastic bowing deformity of the left ulna with one of the girls, and the scalping of the mother. Many of the other children sustained abrasions, extreme swelling of the face and head, and severe emotional trauma. Neither party was considered at fault in the accident. Both parties came to an agreement and were satisfied with their undisclosed portions of the monies tendered.

$1.3 Million

Motorcycle vs. Commercial Truck
Failure to yield by commercial truck resulting in T-bone accident. Multiple fractures with brain injury.

$1.25 Million

Motorcycle vs. Commercial Truck
The plaintiff was enjoying a ride on his Harley Davidson when the defendant made a left hand turn into the motorcycle. The plaintiff’s bike was pulled down underneath the vehicle and destroyed. The plaintiff still with the bike was run over by the tire and his femur was driven through the sidewall of the tire and remained in the tire as the truck dragged the plaintiff to a stop. The driver of the truck was an employee of a company and had never been eligible to hold a license. Defendant was also driving under the influence of alcohol and booked into the county Jail. Plaintiff was life flighted sustaining multiple injuries a few of which included: Traumatic Brain Injury with a complex seizure disorder, facial and sinus fractures, shoulder and arm nerve damage, rib fractures, spleen lacerations, kidney lacerations, forearm fractures and femur fracture with part of the bone left in the tire of the truck. The company fought to not be responsible for injuries sustained and refused to compensate out of the umbrella policy, but Attorney Jeff Metler organized a case that proved the negligence of the company in their hiring practices and received settlement for the full umbrella policy.


Private Car vs. Commercial Vehicle
Head-on collision with facial fractures, scaring and cognitive impairment.


Single Car Accident
Recreational vehicle rollover. Multiple fractures requiring surgery with scarring


Private Car vs. Private Car
T-Bone accident with multiple leg fractures requiring surgery.


Private Car vs. Commercial Vehicle
A Commercial vehicle ran a red light striking the rear of the client vehicle. Chiropractic with likely future surgery.


Private Car vs. Commercial Truck
Near head-on collision. Loss of pregnancy in the first trimester with whiplash and soft-tissue injuries.


Private Car vs. Private Car
T-Bone accident with a spinal fracture.


Single Vehicle Roll Over
Fractures requiring surgery.


Motorcycle vs. Underinsured Automobile
The plaintiff was driving on his motorcycle when an automobile pulled out in front of him trying to get into a fast food restaurant. The plaintiff laid the bike down to minimize impact. His right arm went into the vehicle as his body was thrust into what was left of the motorcycle. The plaintiff was taken to the hospital suffering from right wrist and elbow dislocations. A CT of the abdomen showed free fluid. During emergency surgery of the abdomen, it was discovered that the plaintiff had bowel lacerations that were leaking fluids into the abdominal cavity, Liver lacerations, and an umbilical hernia. The surgery resulted in the removal of 5 feet of the plaintiff’s large intestine. Multiple surgeries followed to repair damages to hands and shoulders as well. The Defendant was inadequately insured and tendered the policy limits to the plaintiff. Attorney Jeff Metler made an underinsured claim and negotiated with caregivers to reduce the medical bills payable so the plaintiff was able to receive compensation for the injuries incurred.


Auto vs. Pedestrian
A Pedestrian was struck while walking on the side of the road. Multiple fractures with surgery.


Vehicle vs. Insured Motorist
The plaintiff, traveling at a high rate of speed, has front end collision with the defendant who failed to yield taking a left-hand turn. Her head, torso, legs, and knees impacted with parts of the vehicle causing injuries. The fibula and ankle were shattered and she required 2 plates and 14 pins to stabilize her leg. The plaintiff had lacerations to the head from the impact as well. After surgery and 9 months of physical therapy, the plaintiff has now been told she will need an ankle replacement because she has advanced post-traumatic arthritis in the joint resulting in a significant reduction in her range of motion. Plaintiff also sought psychological counseling for the anxiety that she has experienced due to the accident and her injuries. Jeff Metler was able to collect on the full benefits available from the defendant’s insurance and also collected on two underinsured policies to recover monies for future care and hospital bills. Jeff Metler also represented an additional passenger in the vehicle who suffered head and neck injuries and facial scarring and was awarded $100,000 for her injuries as well.


Car Accident Recovery
The plaintiff was a victim of the defendant not yielding when making a right turn. The plaintiff’s vehicle was an older model with no airbags and or headrests. Upon impact, the movements of the body caused severe spinal problems including sprain/strains, and stenosis of the spinal cord. The plaintiff had to receive spinal injections to control the pain and will eventually need surgery to fuse the vertebrae. Plaintiff also experiences much nerve pain and numbing and tingling in their hands and wrists. Extreme headaches and a closed head injury were diagnosed as well and continue to cause concentration problems and speech slowness. The plaintiff was able to cover all of his medical bills and put away a substantial amount to help pay for future medical expenses.


Single Vehicle Roll Over
The plaintiff was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control and rolled off the road. The vehicle landed on the roof of the vehicle and the plaintiff was restrained with lap and shoulder harnesses. The plaintiff went by ambulance to the hospital with a deformed wrist, minor lacerations, headaches, and pains. The hospital had to go in and place pins in the wrist to set the radial fracture which occurred. Recovery from surgery was many months as the plaintiff was in cast and splints during that period. Fortunately, no further physical damages occurred; however, Jeff Metler was able to get her compensated fairly for her loss and discomfort.


Minor vs. Underinsured Automobile
Plaintiff was a passenger in the vehicle with her mother driving when a 22-year-old female driver pulled out in front of them making a left-hand turn. Plaintiff, being a minor and eight years of age, was pushed forward in her seat and collided with the dashboard of her vehicle upon impact. The extreme force of the impact caused the plaintiff to lose three teeth. Two of the teeth were her permanent front teeth. The defendant’s insurance company tendered their policy limits almost immediately, but the amount barely covered the already accrued expenses needed to replace the teeth and begin reconstruction of the facial and maxillary bones. Attorney Jeff Metler investigated possible options for compensation. The defendant being very young had no assets or other policies to provide compensation. The decision was to open up an uninsured motorist claim to help recover funds that could be placed in an investment account to cover the future estimated medical treatment for her orthodontic care. That future estimated care including surgeries was estimated at $33,000. The insurance company paid the underinsured motorist claim and surrendered the full amounts possible without needing to go into litigation.

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