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What Should I Avoid After a Car Accident?

By Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law

While you now know the steps you should take after an accident, there are a few things that can impact your claim negatively. A few actions can result in insurance adjusters trying to minimize or deny claims, even when you have a valid argument. Here are some things you should avoid saying or doing to safeguard your rights.

Providing a Recorded Statement Alone

Insurance adjusters may request that you provide a recorded statement with your recollection of the accident. A recorded statement benefits insurance companies who may use what you say against you to try and minimize how much they need to pay you in a claim. Have a lawyer with you during this part of the process.

Posting Conflicting Items on Social Media

Your social media pages are not nearly as private as you may think, especially in a car accident claim. In some situations, insurance adjusters will try to access what you post, especially if you have photos contradicting your injury claims or delete statuses of pre-existing injuries. Try to avoid posting anything that can be used against you.

Sounding Uncertain When Making a Statement

Your statement, with your lawyer on your side, should focus on facts. When you sound uncertain or say you think you saw something happen, insurance adjusters may use this against you. Don’t let insurance adjusters use anything against you.

Navigating the Process Alone

You never want to give insurance companies an advantage when navigating your claim. Having a lawyer on your side can prove to be very beneficial in your claim, allowing you to protect yourself from unethical practices. It’s vital to choose a lawyer who knows how to navigate the process and help you keep your best interests a top priority.

Our Utah car accident lawyers at Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law have significant experience taking on large insurance companies when it matters most. We help claimants deal with no-fault car accident claims, as well as third-party lawsuits when necessary. We go above and beyond to pursue the maximum compensation available to you.

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