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What Steps Do I Have to Take After a Car Accident?

By Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law

Experiencing a crash can be one of the more difficult things you endure. No matter how minor or severe the crash is, it can be difficult to recognize the steps you can take afterwards to help you build your case. Unfortunately, it’s often a missed step that can lead to insurance companies denying or minimizing your claim.

The steps you take are crucial and can help you get through the process quickly and effectively, especially with a lawyer on your side. When you complete these steps, you safeguard your rights and help strengthen your case with facts.

Here are the steps you should take after a crash:

  • Exchange information
  • Report the accident
  • Take photos
  • Speak with witnesses
  • Seek medical care
  • Contact an attorney

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Exchange Information

No matter who is at fault, you should exchange valuable information with the other driver. You report this valuable information to your insurance provider to help determine who is responsible for compensation. You may go through your provider in some situations and having the right information can be vital for your claim.

Information you get should include the following:

  • Driver’s license information
  • Contact information (phone number being the most important)
  • Insurance policy number and company name
  • License plate number

Report the Accident

Report your crash to your insurance company and local police. Local police should be involved if there are significant injuries or property damage, especially if the vehicles are blocking traffic. Reporting your crash to your insurance company starts your claims-filing process and gives you an idea of what legal options you have.

Take Photos

You should take photos after the crash to help build your case. The more photos you have, the clearer it is to see causation and damages. Your photos should show your losses and injuries. If your case goes beyond the severe injury threshold, you may be able to use your photos to show how the accident occurred using a reconstructionist.

The photos you take should include:

  • Any images that show negligence, including tire tracks, missing traffic signals
  • Any images detailing the damage to your vehicle and other vehicles
  • Any images that show how severe your injuries are

Speak with Witnesses

If any witnesses are in the area and saw what happened, make sure you speak with them and see if they will provide a statement. Witness testimonies can provide insurance companies with valuable insight into the cause of the accident. Especially when you need to file a third-party lawsuit, your witnesses can play a crucial role in your claim.

Seek Medical Care

Your health is one of the most vital aspects after a crash, and making sure you receive care is crucial. See a doctor soon after your crash to begin your treatment, and get a medical record that can help strengthen your claim. Your doctor can explain how severe your injuries are and work from the start to treat your damages.

Contact an Attorney

Speaking with an attorney can help you through the process. Insurance adjusters often look for different ways to take advantage of claimants when they are alone. Having a lawyer allows you to safeguard your rights and pursue the maximum compensation possible.

At Jeff Metler, Attorney at Law, we commit to you and your needs after a crash. When you need our team to help you, trust that we go above and beyond to pursue the most favorable outcome possible. Our Utah car accident attorneys are ready to be your voice and pursue the compensation you deserve after a severe injury.

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